The “Science Network Welcome Region Potsdam” [Wissenschaftsnetzwerk Potsdamer Willkommensregion] was established in 2015. Numerous players have come together to warmly welcome international students, scientists, and scholars – hereinafter referred to as “Internationals” – to provide general support and information about the cosmopolitan city of Potsdam during their stay.


The network is endorsed by the Office for Equal Opportunities and Diversity of the State Capital of Potsdam, in accordance with the city’s integration concept.


In 2017, the working group “International Living and Encounters” was formed within the network. The group developed the survey “Living in Potsdam”, focusing the living conditions of Internationals in Potsdam. Together with the Department of Statistics and Elections of the State Capital of Potsdam, the survey was implemented in 2019. The results of the study are available here.




For further information please contact:


Magdolna Grasnick

Commissioner for Migration and Integration of the State Capital of Potsdam
Office for Equal Opportunities and Diversity
Friedrich-Ebert-Straße 79/81
14469 Potsdam


Telephone: 0331 289 1083



Dr. Dagmar Grütte

Neues Potsdamer Toleranzedikt e. V. [New Potsdam Tolerance Edict]
Gutenbergstraße 62
14467 Potsdam


Telephone: 0173 615 9911