Brilliant Minds

Brilliant Minds

Science – a major theme in Brandenburg for centuries.


Berlin-Brandenburg has long been one of the regions in Europe with the highest density of research, while Potsdam is the city in Germany with the highest density of scientists. All major German research organizations can be found in Potsdam, each with several institutes, making it a total of 19 in Brandenburg. And with the development of Lusatia as a research region, there are even more to come. Potsdam is also home to the only film university in the world.


The current density of science in the region is based on a long tradition of research. Some of the most famous scientists of the past two centuries lived and researched in Brandenburg, among other places.


Playing Cards “Kluge Köpfe – Brilliant Minds”


Albert Einstein, Alexander von Humboldt, Lise Meitner and Co. lived and researched in the Potsdam region. You can now purchase these brilliant minds as playing card sets at the Science Floor (Wissenschaftsetage) at the Bildungsforum Potsdam. These cards make for a very special game of skat or rummy.

Albert Einstein

*1879 † 1955


Albert Einstein was a German physicist with Swiss and US citizenship. He is considered one of the most important theoretical physicists in the history of science and the most famous scientist of modern times worldwide. His research on the structure of matter, space, and time and on the nature of gravitation significantly changed the Newtonian world view that had previously prevailed.


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